Hey food lovers! Holidays are wonderful, right? From family gatherings to staff parties, there’s food everywhere, all the time! However, when you’re the one hosting the party, planning a great menu can be a challenge.

Let me paint you a picture. You’ve baked your main course, prepared all your sides, and got your Corrina’s cheesecake delivered in time for your Christmas party. You have made a list, you checked it twice! Looking through it, you realize something is missing. What are your guests going to drink with dessert? If all you could think of is instant coffee, this list is for you!

Here are our personal top picks to pair the perfect beverage with your delicious cheesecake :

You can never go wrong with a classic, right? A good white wine, like a sweet Riesling, may be expensive, but the perfect pairing with a PLAIN cheesecake. With its strong floral aromas, a Riesling will balance out perfectly the classically delicious flavour of the cheesecake.

If you have a sweet tooth like us, you definitely went for the SKOR cheesecake.
Now, don’t get me wrong! Coffee and cheesecake go great together, and if you needed to choose one to pair it with, the SKOR cheesecake is a great option. Pairing a full body coffee with the Oreo cookie base will make all the flavours mix in your mouth to enjoy a wonderful delight! Both of those flavours, as well as the peanut butter, have the tendency to linger in your mouth. Mix it up, and enjoy!

CHOCOLATE                                                                                                                                                            We don’t always think of red wines pairing up with dessert, but I am here to tell that CHOCOLATE cheesecake is the way to go! Maybe a Pinot noir, made of black grapes, with a hint of strawberries. We all know strawberries and chocolate are a perfect match!

If you are less of a wine drinker and like to relax with tea and dessert, we recommend you pairing the BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM cheesecake with a black tea. The sweetness of a Bailey’s infused cheesecake will balance out with the dark and strong taste of black tea.

You love coffee? Then you clearly went for our CAPPUCCINO cheesecake! To surprise your guests with a sweet pairing, try serving this last course with a sweet whiskey. You can pair it with a Honey based whiskey or even a Maple syrup one.

Now that you have perfected your last course, don’t forget that we offer FREE DELIVERY if you order two cheesecakes (perfect-gift alert!).