Behind What’s Added
November 15, 2019

Let me tell you. WE BAKE WITH LOVE. Everytime I mix a cheesecake I am double and triple checking my measurements. I check the freshness of our products that I’m using and i’m making sure my process is as consistent as possible. In our story, I talk about how my father owned Corrina’s Cheesecakes in the 90s when I was growing up.  When he taught me how to bake, he passed along some very important techniques and tips, which always resulted in the better cake.

 Corrina’s Cheesecakes uses good quality ingredients to craft each cake. Our goal is that when you bite into one of our cheesecakes you taste the difference. Attention to detail is important. Equally as important as the freshness of the products we use. Sometimes choosing the ‘better brand’, regardless of cost is just what it has to be. We want customers to know that. We go for a smooth, light texture and offer a variety of flavours to suit your preference.

 In the process of baking, I try to always take into account what each slice would be like. I don’t want John Doe (your hypothetical dinner guest) to have a great chunk of Skor in our Peanut Butter Skor Cake, while you get one that is…well, Skor-less. To accomplish that, when we make our Skor cheesecake, we blend together the batter in the fashion we do with our other cakes and then mix and distribute the Skor chunks by hand. This ensures that every slice has the buttery crunch that customers expect.

 From our plain cheesecake, where you can add your own toppings, to our rich and flavourful Baileys cheesecake, there is something for everyone. For example, my father doesn’t like too much salt in his food and his favorite cheesecake is the classic plain topped with our strawberry sauce. On the other hand, I’m a fan of salty-sweet and I love all things chocolate, coffee and caramel. Just in building this menu, we didn’t have to do a case study to realise that taste and ‘what’s good’ is subjective. Although cheesecake is a ‘sort’ of dessert and we have our style, consistency and quality standards, customers might need more than the same old. We started with five cakes offering a happy variety, that in general has earned us some great feedback in Montreal and Toronto. And soon we will be adding more.

 One thing we do feel strongly about is looking for ways to step outside of the typical American style cheesecake. Nowadays with the internet, that could be a broad claim. So it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll throw olives on your cheesecake! Some tradition is good. But it does mean we believe that less is more. In that, you’ll notice Corrina’s Cheesecakes don’t include much fluff layers. We avoid whip cream and maraschino cherries. (Shout out to anyone who likes those things!) We just tend to go for toppings that are hearty or smooth, aiming to look handsome and/or be outright tasty.

Our 9” cakes are designed to sit about 2-3” tall from crust to topping and offer lots of great flavour packed into each slice. At first we were offering 10 slices from a 9” cake, proving to be a little too ambitious for your average person’s appetite. So better news for everyone: the cakes serve 12-15 slices, which turns out to be fantastic for parties or for freezing the leftovers for yourself!  Your bellies will thank you for it! There are many delicious desserts in the bakersphere and we are now happy to be offering Montreal another great option for Cheesecake lovers.