If you’re planning a dinner party you no doubt have a huge shopping list and a number of things to do. Baking can be a great part of the experience. Afterall, who doesn’t enjoy crafting sugary treats? But, the bigger or more intricate the occasion, the more complicated it is to do everything. Place a premium on your nerves and outsource the things you either don’t have time for or enjoy the least. You don’t need to sacrifice elements of your event that will make it  special. I can talk at length about event planning as I’ve dabbled with it over the years, but I’ll paint quick picture for you:

 Your evening has gone well. Guests have eaten their meals and had their drinks or simply enjoyed a nice cocktail hour. They’re now waiting on the coffee and dessert options. You want your dessert table to have variety. Sugar makes people happy. Desserts are aesthetically pleasing and it may be one of the last pitstops for some of your guests before the evening concludes and they decide it’s time to go home. They say the beginning and end are what people remember the most! That’s where we come in.

 Corrina’s Cheesecakes often bake for special occasions. Intimate dinner parties and event dessert tables alike. Seeing that our product does best served cold, we provide the option to pre-slice the cake so that your catering team can plate the cakes efficently and provide even portions to guests – or guests can self-serve. A 9” cake easily serves 12-16 people. We’re also adding new decoration features such as the mirror glaze and written messages on certain cakes to match with the theme of your occasion.